I Need to Stop​.​.​.


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I Need to Stop... was recorded after four years of trial and error.


released October 7, 2014

all songs written and performed by Jeremy RR
Sabrina RR - additional vocals on ATM
Russel Sue - additional percussion



all rights reserved


JEREMY RR Vienna, Austria

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Track Name: ATM: an inspired technique of commodifying a culture
i'm going to the disco, i'm going to dance all night, i need to stop at the atm.
(what i wouldn't do for longer chains, what i wouldn't do for a bigger cage)
Track Name: EASY: desires and escapist techniques
is it everything you've been dreaming of, or is it just what you could afford? wil it get you home and get you to work, easy?
you've got a lot to think about; stock holders, customers, and your bank account. are you looking to fix the bottom line, easy?
will your heart break when mine does? or do you laugh 'cos i still think it's love? are you looking for a way to let me down, easy?
what'll it take, man, what'll it be? -a book of matches, a gallon of gasoline. watch it burn from across the street, easy.
the voice that's heard is the one that's loud, so draw your guns boys and shoot it out. there ain't nothing left to talk about. it's easy.
Track Name: KT&J: a melody reminds us that we are not merely a series of reactions
there was a day when i was making it with katie, and i heard a song that sounded just like this. she was sweet when i was just embarrassed, and i didn't play it off too well, she was my first. on that day, you were getting on with johnny. you heard a song and it sounded just like this. he was sweet when you were very nervous, i hear he made you shiver with his touch. i could try, but i could never be like johnny, and you will never be the girl that he once knew on that day when i was making it with katie, and you heard a song that sounded just like this.
Track Name: REST STOP: the weaponry of bodies and telephones
everybody's home, where am i? call you on the phone, maybe i can stay the night?
let it ring a few times, you didn't answer at all. if you don't pick up the next time, i'll write your number on the wall.
is it just you alone? are you sure, john? because you look real good, and you look real young.
you'd better watch out, they're on the prowl now. there are some wild ones, and you look real good, you look real young.
Track Name: HOSP.FUCK: an inspired technique of commodifying an ability to lessen the effects of injury while simultaneously promoting shame in patrons
i spent $500 for a minute of your time and i paid it twice for your hospital fucking.
i spent a few days out of work, now i am out of work and you are hospital fucking.
i spend a lot of money on the shit you give me at the clinic.
Track Name: TIME OFF: the inevitable breakdown of systems and structures
all that's left now has put in for some time off.
the car broke down and the dog went soft.
all the lights burn out and all the trees fall.
without some time off, it's a wonder that anything works at all.